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The Best Franchise Opportunities that you come across are the ones that are established and looking at expansion to other regions. It is because of a simple reason that it works under a proven model. In most cases, the brand itself takes care of the promotions required to get business.

In TamilNadu as well as in India, the Franchise model has survived because of lower business investments and lower risks. Especially when comparing it to starting a new business from scratch. So how does it fare against the Own Business model?

Franchise vs. Own Business

According to stats, the Franchise Business in India is a highly successful business model. Because of its proven model, many entrepreneurs prefer buying a Franchise. Here are some advantages and benefits of owning a Franchise.

5 Advantages of investing in a Franchise Business

When compared to Owning a Business, Franchises have a proven model of success. Here are some reasons:

  1. Lower Risk

Since the business risks are already known, some of the them are easily predicted, and location specific challenges are handled better.

  1. Higher Success Rate

The Franchise business is a proven model with high percentage of success rate. Good research and choosing the right type of Franchise is the key to success.

  1. Brand Recognition

An already established brand means that the job is almost done in terms of brand reach. Most brands take care of everything and only need a location and a good entrepreneur to manage the business.

  1. Faster Results

Compared to starting an Own Business, Franchises have a shorter and fairly predictable duration to make profit. In the former, there is no guarantee on how long it would take to settle down and be successful.

  1. Good Support System

One of the main benefits of owning a Franchise is that you are not alone. There is a well-connected network and good access to resources. So being successful is a combined effort of many aspects moving towards growth.

For aspiring youngsters, if there is an option to choose between starting an own business and buying a Franchise, the wiser decision would be to go with a Franchise. With years of experience and knowledge of the business and market, starting an own business would be ideal.

Is Franchise best compared to Business?

The year 2020 has been a year of unpredictability, but has also given certain challenges psychologically & financially. The best time to start something that can be easily managed and make profit is now. It depends on the individual’s strengths and the resources available at that point.

Technofixes is now providing Franchise Opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs in TamilNadu as well as in India. To be a part of our journey, feel free to contact us to discuss potential opportunities.

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About Technofixes Franchise

Technofixes is a leading laptop and mobile service center. It is in the business for many years with good success. Technofixes offers services related to Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets & other gadgets.

The stores are located in Karaikal, Pondicherry, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Tiruppur. The brand continues to expand to other locations in India through franchising model.

Visit our website for details on Investment & ROI. To apply for a Franchise, click the link below. The details of the Franchise will be provided over a call or email.

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You can also email: to get a quote / proposal.

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If you are an existing customer or someone looking for services such as getting your mobile, laptop or gadget repaired, feel free to request a home pick-up using our contact us page (or) visit our store directly.

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