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One the most unpleasant thing that one faces is to see their phone stop working for no reason. So what is the best thing they can do? Well, the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is to find a good Mobile Repair Shop. With today’s advancements in online search, finding the right store should be easy.

Find the best mobile phone repair store near you

Or read the below articles to see insights on phone issues and solutions.

Before you could find an ideal mobile repair store, it is better to identify the type of problem first. It then becomes easy to decide whether to take the help of an expert or not. Believe it, in most cases you don’t have to pay a visit to the store. Isn’t the great! Well, let’s have a look.

10 most common phone repair issues that requires a visit to the store:

Mobile repair services by Technofixes
Mobile repair
  1. Broken or Cracked Screen.
  2. Phone immersed in Water.
  3. Phone not getting charged.
  4. Loud Speaker / Ear Speaker / Mic not working.
  5. Audio Port not working.
  6. Volume / Power Button not working.
  7. Camera not working.
  8. Finger-print sensor issues.
  9. Cabinet Frame replacement.
  10. Software Issues / Frequent Crashes.

Seeing the above list, we can categorize 9 out of 10 items as hardware issues. And the last one in this case a software issue (a malfunction of the device or apps). In order to find the cost of fixing a hardware issue, a list of hardware parts and its estimated cost is list below. Just click the link and select your Smartphone to see specific details.

Get an Estimate for your Mobile Repair!

Once you enter your phone’s brand and model, the website will give you the repair estimate for your Smartphone, based on which you can take action on whether to contact the store or purchase directly.

Mobile Phone repair issues and home solutions:

On the contrary, some of the most common phone issues get resolved without having to go to the store. You will be able to fix them by doing some basic internet research & trouble-shooting.

The following are some issues that can be resolved from your house using the suggested articles.

  1. Slowness (
  2. Battery does not hold up (
  3. Overheating (
  4. Apps Crashing (
  5. Storage Space (
  6. Connection Issues – Bluetooth, WiFi, Cellular Network (

If you feel that the above list of issues and fixes does not solve your Smartphone issue, please write to us ( You may contact the nearest branch as well using the details given above.

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